The Lore
They say that when the Universe was conceived, it was no different from a human baby. It came with a brain, a heart, a mouth, and yes, even an anus too.
With each body part as integral as the other, they have to be protected at all costs. So the Universe built grand fortresses as big as galaxies to protect all its organs, all but one. An anomaly, a glitch so to speak. A small and delicate spleen. So delicate that even a single bite from an ant would disable it. And “it” for some reason cannot be contained.
The spleen is a repulsive flower and it has no definite timeline in existence. It exists in the past, present and future of the event horizon appearing at random at any point for just eight seconds.
One day, in the jungles of Hokkaido, it appeared. Right when a hungry and desperate tiger was about to devour a toad. There, in front of them, is the elusive spleen flower. Its repulsive scent reminded the tiger of its favourite food; the boar. And just when its eight second time limit was up, the tiger bit a small chunk of it. Then, poof, it is gone.
This triggered a cataclysmic event, called the ‘Haipa Taimurifuto’. It caused an interdimensional time-rift where the past fused with the present, humans with yokai. You see, the spleen flower is in charge of regulating the chaos of the universe to just-about-right ensuring the balance of good and evil. But with it damaged, all hell has broken loose.
Governments and order collapsed. With it came the formation of Factions, two parties with very different views of how the world should run. Both factions battled day and night to assert dominance and authority.
However, even within the two Factions, there is mistrust and betrayal. That led to the formation of "Houses", individuals with more common ideals banding together to fight for power and dominance.
The world has known no peace since Haipa Taimurifuto. Sacrifice and bloodshed is the way.