Enter the realm

Venture into the realm. Only the worthy may enter.


On-chain properties. Ultrasound deflation. Composability tech. Tokenomics. 1000+ traits.

If those words excite you, they should. We’re building the next generation of NFT PFP with insane tattoo-inspired art and hardcore tech. House of Warlords (HOWL) is a collection of unique and programmatically generated NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain.

Rarity of traits is determined by minters through a radical concept

Chance to win free expansion mints every month

Deflationary event taking place every month, reducing supply

Transfer of traits from one NFT to another through composability

Innovative and evolving on-chain tech implementation


1000+ hand-drawn traits

Every trait is painstakingly hand-drawn, coloured and shaded to perfection. Combinations are going to be insane in the membrane.

The Great Seppuku Event

This is our monthly deflationary event. Committing Seppuku requires you to burn one of your warlords. Doing so will reward you with 1000 $OUL tokens, a 50% chance to claim a new NFT and the ability to SELECT and TRANSFER gears from one warlord to another. Yeah, that’s hardcore.
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Fortune favors the bold

If you committed Seppuku, you have a 50% chance to claim a new warlord NFT. These new warlords are from a brand new House with a even more limited supply. Sounds rare.
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$OUL tokens

$OUL tokens are earned from the Great Seppuku Event or Conquests (staking). Use these tokens to purchase gears for your warlords, 1/1 limited edition artworks, merch or live experiences at the $OUL Collector.
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One's act, one's profit
HOWLs will be airdropped to lucky followers and community members through fun contests on Twitter & Discord.
A collector's dream
16 unique limited edition 1/1 artwork will be randomly airdropped to HOWL holders. See Artwork
All expense paid trip for 2 to Japan
1 lucky random HOWL holder will win a 2 week all expense paid trip for 2 to Japan!
What lies ahead?
After three months of intense bloodshed and sacrifice, an unknown number of Warlords remains... what lies in wait for the survivors?


A hyper dedicated team consisting of a talented tattoo artist plus a bunch of really experienced tech nerds.

kena silmad
community & partnerships
community & growth
community & growth

One of the world’s largest crypto funds, Dialectic is a Swiss capital enterprise focused on the deployment of human and financial capital into alternative assets.

Dialectic was founded by Ryan Zurrer and Dean Eigenmann. Ryan is a former Polychain partner and now manages more than $1 billion. Ryan is an early investor in Dfinity, Polkadot, a board member of Filecoin Foundation, and former head of investment at Web3. Dean worked for ENS and has served as a high-profile smart contract auditor for several well-known projects. Dean is a regular on Crypto Twitter and is a thought leader on Ethereum and MEV.

Dialectic has been active in the NFT community collecting many high-profile NFT projects and P2E gaming assets which include 1 of 1 Beeple pieces, Crypto Punks, Refik Anadol, Daniel Ashram, Nouns, Meebits, Ember Sword, Forgotten Runes Wizards Cult, Genesis Zed Runs, MekaVerse, Blitmap, Treeverse, and much more.

Dialectic will serve as partners to the House of Warlords and assist with all things needed to make House of Walords a success beyond the first phase of the genesis Warlord launch. We are pumped to have such an experienced team on board with the vision of House of Warlords.

Are you worthy?
The Universe will decide your fate.
Launching late November.